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Green Travel

Global warming has become one of the major issues of our time. A recent study by the IPCC (an international intergovernmental body set up by the UN) concluded that the evidence of global warming was ‘unequivocal’ and that man’s involvement was ‘clear’. The glaciers and snowy mountain tops which we hold so dear are already being effected by changes in environment making global warming an important issue for keen skiers and snowboarders.

Travel and transport are the main culprits of the ski industry accounting for 73% of the emissions that ski resorts produce. Coach travel is by far the most environmentally friendly way of travelling to the alps. On a journey between London and Chamonix our coach produces 56% less kg of CO2 per traveller than a train, 54% less than a small car, 65% less than a large car and a whopping 83% less than travelling by plane.

Choosing to travel with Snow Express rather than travelling by plane saves around 280 kg of CO2 per traveller on a return journey to the Alps. To put that in context that’s the equivalent of:

  • Boiling 18,667 kettles
  • Watching 3,091 hours of TV
  • Powering an average house for 64 days

The figures really do speak for themselves, travelling with Snow Express you can do your bit for the environment and save yourself money while you do it!

Total C02 per Traveler for a 665 Mile Journey (Source: www.transportdirect.info)