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Luggage Policy

Our coaches have a good amount of luggage space, but it is not unlimited. Recently we have had some passengers bring so much luggage that it has delayed loading and caused significant discomfort to our passengers.

Snow Express is owned and run by keen skiers so we know how important it is to bring your kit out, however as you can appreciate space on the coach is limited so some restrictions must apply. We allow a reasonable amount of luggage per person and would ask that you respect the limits for the safety and comfort of your fellow passengers. If you are unsure about the luggage policy or have any specific queries please contact us.

Baggage Allowance

1 medium sized case (Height 70cm x Width 30cm x Depth 45cm max weight 22kg)
1 x dufflebag /rucksack up to 80 litre max weight 22kg
1 x snowboard bag/case max weight 22kg

1 small piece of hand luggage (inside the coach),
1 ski/snowboard bag & boot bag.

Luggage Issues

Snowboard Bags
Snowboard bags which double as suitcases will count as two pieces of luggage. If you have a slimline board bag and remove your bindings you may bring another bag. If you have a large snowboard bag filled with other gear this will count as two pieces and you will not be allowed another bag. If you are a group of snowboarders it is possible to pack multiple boards with bindings removed in one big bag which is the ideal situation. 

Hold Alls
Hold alls must be within a reasonably size (under 80 liters) and reasonably weight.

Suitcases should be less than 70cm x 30cm x 45cm.

Ski Bags
We allow one pair of skis per person. If you are competing in the World Championships then let us know - maybe you can take a few extra pairs then.